To Inform, Inspire & Involve

From classroom to garden and form art to filmmaking, we practice multiple approach to equip students, youth & communities to mitigate environmental degradation.  

In 2013 – 14, we organised workshops and exhibitions on ecology and solar energy in schools and colleges in Gujarat. Every year, we have been participating in Indradhanush programs organised by Essar Foundation taking art and environmental activities for the rural children in Surat and Jamnagar districts. In 2014 -15, we designed and developed a certificate course in ecology which consists of 10 out-door eco-workshops (Leaders in Environmental Action Force-LEAF) in collaboration with GJEM and conducted it successfully for the students of St. Joseph’s High school, Vadodara.

Environmental Education Programs

Leadership in Environmental Action Force (LEAF)

Leaf program consists of eight daylong workshops conducted outside the classroom often in places such as organic farm, bio-reserves, solar hubs, herbal garden and institutions where sustainable practices are implemented. In this way, students get firsthand experience of eco-friendly practices


Its a two hours to six hours for students, teachers, women and youth for maximum outreach. In EAP programs we deal with topics on the interconnectedness of the Universe and Creation through activities such as Web of Life and related films and presentations;

Green Teachers Program (GTP)

Green Teachers Program is about inspiring & training the teachers to engage the students with innovative environmental education. It offers teachers an opportunity to empower themselves with the requisite knowledge and skills for effective communication of concepts on the environment in the school.


Every year we also make short films on environmental issues, and our activities. Some of the scrips are written by students. All the videos are  on youtube for free access to all.

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