The Warli Women I (Warli Painting)


Warli art holds a special place for women, traditionally involving married women who painted marriage scenes on mud walls. Today, both men and women work as full-time Warli artists. Malti Bahotha is an emerging artist who has recently mastered this art form.

In her painting titled “The Warli Women-I,” four Warli houses are depicted in the foreground, each showing women engaged in household work. Outside the houses, women are involved in various other activities. The presence of women and children adds a tender, loving touch to the painting. It is dawn, with the sun about to rise, and wild animals and creatures remain dormant in the mountains as the Warli people prepare to start their day. Malti’s treatment of each figure and motif is exquisite and convincing, showcasing her skill and deep understanding of Warli art.

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Dimensions 16 × 16 in


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