The Soil & the Warlis co-exist (Warli Painting)


This Warli painting by Malti Bahotha, titled “The Soil and the Warlis Co-Exist,” captures the intricate relationship between the Warli people and their environment. Utilizing the traditional Warli art style, the painting depicts various aspects of daily life, including agricultural activities, communal interactions, and the vibrant natural surroundings. The use of white pigment on a dark background emphasizes the simplicity and elegance of the Warli figures, showcasing their harmonious coexistence with nature. Notably, the painting features an anthill on the right side, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all living beings and the Warlis’ deep respect for even the smallest creatures. This detailed portrayal reflects the cultural heritage and environmental symbiosis that defines the Warli way of life.

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Dimensions 10 × 22.5 in


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