A globe full of foliage (Warli Painting)


A Globe Full of Foliage” is an acrylic on canvas painting by Naresh Bhoye, embodying a personal and communal Warli vision of the creation of Mother Earth. Central to the composition is the Warli God, who breathes life into the world through the musical instrument Tarpa, from which all creatures emanate. This divine act of creation is vividly portrayed at the canvas’s center. The earth is teeming with diverse foliage, symbolizing the richness of life. The painting’s upper section represents day, while the lower section depicts night, illustrating the cycle of time. Birds and clouds encircle the earth alongside the foliage, enhancing the theme of nature’s harmony. This artwork serves as a testament to divine creation, celebrating the interconnectedness of all life forms.

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Dimensions 36 × 36 in


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